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About Us

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Jeff & Mary

Will n' Beez began in 2017 when Jeff, a military veteran with 20 years of communications experience, dreamt of launching a business with his wife, Mary. Determined to create something unique, they combined their passion for quilting and coffee to start a quilting coffee shop. Jeff convinced Mary, an HR employee, to quit her job and go all-in on their venture. Their resilience was tested during the pandemic, but their unwavering commitment to their vision saw them through. They adapted their business model and continued to serve their loyal customers with takeaway options and online quilting workshops. As the world reopened, they seized the opportunity to host one of the largest quilting conventions in Salem, drawing enthusiasts from all around. Will n' Beez became a hub for creativity, community, and caffeinated conversations, gaining a reputation for its warm, inviting atmosphere and stunning quilt displays. Their journey from military service and corporate careers to successful entrepreneurs is an inspiring tale of passion, determination, and creativity.

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